We are clinging on to the last days of ‘summer’ in the UK by our orange and pink fingernails and that means that me and my baes are clutching at straws for excuses to leave work early – or at least on time, in order to get down to the nearest patch of grass, or pub after work to enjoy the last couple of sunlight hours*  (Actually, my Viking friend recently informed me that ‘bae’ also means ‘poop’ in Danish but anyway…) so, after banging out emergency texts and group messages such as …


‘No rain forecast. Wine, crisps and olives in the park?’

‘Hurry the F up and finish that presentation’

‘Ariba, ARIBA!’   


…and with work projects complete (or sufficiently shelved) and convinced that the day’s sunshine will still warm our bare skin and the pavement outside of The Ten Bells, me and my poops skip out of our respective workplaces, bare shouldered, stockingless and giddy (“look at me, I left my jacket at work!”) and leg it to our picnic rendezvous.


Careful with the Claret Sophia, i’ll be wearing that blanket later!


By late September reality kicks in and we are huddling together for warmth, wishing we had brought our parkas or gone for a coffee instead, the novelty of standing outside in the evening chill having worn off pretty fast.  


Thank goodness for socks and sandals is what I say! So with Autumn calling, it’s not time for shearlings and heavy wool peacoats yet (just thinking of that underground commute with all my winter gear on is making me sweat!) but come late September, there are a few key trends and twists to transition our summer wardrobes for the next season and it’s my all about keeping warm either…



This works particularly well with a wrap dress as seen here on @styleyourself09 ‘s insta feed, but almost anything goes, from slip dresses to a sweater dress, as long as you get the proportions right; showing enough of the jeans, a bit of ankle and not bulking up too much denim under the top layer (so a slim fit or skinny jean).


Then, when it does get chillier, find a fine knit jersey polo neck and pop that on underneath the dress too.  Said polo neck will be a good friend this Autumn and will funk up your blazer, your white shirt and your mini dress, so grab a bundle of them in black, white and bright colour blocks.



Been channelling a Greek peasant girl in crisp white cotton, or floating around in florals all summer? You can fling a knitted tank top on top (very Gucci, grandad chic) or an oversized sweater and some sporty ankle socks and sandals, then by October you can switch up your straw basket for a leather one and face up to the season with boots and a beret.  

Side note: I bought so many basket bags (verging on obsessional) that i’m going to risk spray painting one of mine a shiny red or black for winter – i’ll report on the outcome at a later date…!



Hunt down an oversized sweater in the most flattering colour you can find and wear it with everything! Along with your blazer, the oversized sweater is late summer & early fall’s greatest ally and can be slung on over wide pants, pyjama bottoms, dresses, leather trousers, opaque tights (yes, they are ok)…   

Tips: remember your body shape and don’t totally swamp your frame – for instance, if you have wide hips, you can try a cropped or waist length jumper to accentuate your waist or do a half tuck into your waistband with a longer, chunkier shape.  

Go skinny fit, or flowy underneath a big baggy shape such as this grey sweater below (photo from Harpers Bazaar online) and break up the vast expanse of wool with a bright accessory.



Work a blazer into your wardrobe – with pretty much anything.  Much the same as the giant sweater, go for an oversized and masculine fit in either a block colour or a grey plaid or check right now and you can rock it with pretty, girly dresses, classic t-shirt & jeans, or for the office.  No brainer.  


LOVE this red example above from cool girl @miameex on instagram (follow her photos, but give yourself at least half an hour because there’s so much magic on her feed).



Boot-wise, there’s so much to choose from this year that is verging on impossible to choose one style, but if you ARE looking for just one key look to update your wardrobe this year, look no further than the ‘slouch’.

Anthony Vaccarello sent slouchy knee highs out at Saint Laurent in black, tan, indigo and most famously, crystal encrusted silver with mini dresses and skinny jeans and that was it – I was IN! Super flattering, they are hot, hot, hot this winter and they look fab with long flowy dresses and you can ramp your style up a notch by wearing some knee high socks with them too. Also see Isabel Marant for further inspo.   




Velvet, feathers, fake furs, boucle and metallics against silk, cotton,tulle, denim and chiffons… Elevate your look for Autumn with some luxurious trinkets, feathery footwear, jewel coloured velvet (See Karen Brit Chick’s instagram above) or, if in doubt, just add pearls – if it worked for Chanel it works for us – and let’s face it, it’s always worked for Chanel.

*And finally, if you can bring yourself to face the reality, you can check out ‘timebie’ for sunlight hours and lots of other time-related info for your area and begin your new season shopping countdown. For instance, September starts with 13.39 hours of sunlight and decreases by a few minutes every day, to 11 hours by the end of the month…  time to fling on that plaid blazer and boots!


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